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Ekahau Site Survey Crash Course Videos

During the WLAN Pros Summit in February 2014, Jussi from Ekahau held a crash course on how to design a Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) network using Ekahau Site Survey Pro software.
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Choosing the best channel for your Wi-fi network

When it comes to wi-fi, particularly the 2.4Ghz band, you’re looking at one crowded bandwidth – wi-fi, bluetooth, Sonos, cordless phones and more. Here’s a short video, from our friends
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Wi-Spy Model Comparison

Choose your Wi-Spy model by which band you need to scan, and by which Chanalyzer version you wish to run. Wi-Spy 900x Wi-Spy 2.4x Wi-Spy DBx Frequency Range 862 to
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