Secure your SmartPhone – before it’s too late


Going  to a Christmas lunch or party this week? Might have a few drinks? Watch out for your SmartPhone.

If you were to lose your iPhone or Android phone today, just what information would the thief have in his grubby little hands? Personal details? Bank details? PINs even? But that’s OK, because your phone is secure isn’t it? You remembered to put a PIN and some tracking software on it…

In case you didn’t, Extreme Tech have put together some pretty good information on securing your phone here:

The BCS recommend the following as a minimum:

  • Ensure the automatic keypad lock is set up on your handset
  • Ask your IT team to set up a remote wipe for your device.
  • Ensure the operating system is up to date – it may include additional security features
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not using it
  • Utilise secure VPN’s (virtual private networks) when using a smartphone for work
  • Only download apps from dedicated app stores
  • Don’t click on links in text messages
  • Make a note of your IMEI number, this can normally be found on the box of your phone or the back of your battery
  • Make sure you have a PIN on your voicemail
  • If your phone supports tracking, make sure this is turned on or you have downloaded a suitable app

Take note… before it’s too late.