Metageek Wi-Spy DBx Updated


Wi-Spy DBx on laptop screen

The Wi-Spy Dbx from Metageek has been updated and is now available to buy online:

Wi-Spy DBx is the flagship hardware product of the Wi-Spy lineup, and MetaGeek’s most versatile and powerful spectrum analyzer tool. This device is compatible with every Chanalyzer software variant, Wi-Spy DBx is the premier tool for Wi-Fi spectrum analysis.

One of the handy new features is a clip which allows you to hang the device on the screen of your laptop; very useful indeed. You can download the full datasheet from here:

Main Features of the new DBx V3

* Easy 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum analysis – get started in seconds
* Color-coded visualization of congestion quickly shows concentrations of interference
* Channel ratings helps you choose the best channel
* Always-on recording and playback of interference
* High resolution and enhanced amplitude range
*Chanalyzer 4 (Basic) is included – Upgrade to Chanalyzer Pro at any time
* Works with Device Finder Directional Antenna (requires Chanalyzer Pro)