04Jan 2017

Here’s a New Year’s resolution you can stick to, and if you do it will make a big difference to your life. Don’t open unsolicited email attachments without checking them first! Ransomware is on the increase and shows no signs of abating. And as Trend Micro detail here, the criminals involved are getting more creative […]

29Sep 2016

As you may be aware, Yahoo suffered a major security breach in 2014 leading to the loss of some 500 million records. If you want the full story, the NY Times have it in detail here: What’s most worrying about this one, is that so many people have had a Yahoo account at some […]

28Jan 2016

Ransoware is on the rise. In the first three months of 2016, Kaspersky labs report a 14% increase in the incidence of ransomware. So far the most popular ransomware is Teslacrypt (58.4% of attacks), CTB-Locker (23.5%), and Cryptowall (3.4%). In 2015 there were 2,453 reported ransomware incidents in the United States alone, with the crooks […]

17Nov 2015

The first Word macro virus was released into the wild 20 years ago. In 2000, the ILoveYou (or LoveLetter) virus, one of the most damaging of its time, spread like wildfire, using social engineering as a vector. So why, after all this time do viruses still arrive in your inbox, hidden in attachments, ready to […]

05Nov 2015

Imagine for a moment, a Britain where every individual over the age of 3 years old, has their own personal government spy. This person sits next to as you watch TV, sits in the back of your car as you drive, walks around the shops with you, sits next to you at your desk, joins […]

21Oct 2015

This morning, an email is doing the rounds purporting to be from a Lyn Whitehead at Lancs Police. She does indeed exist, but the email is not from her but from a scammer. =========================== Please find attached an invoice that is now due for payment. Regards Lyn Lyn Whitehead (10688) Business Support Department – Headquarters […]

15May 2015

Prevention is better than cure Cryptowall 3, the latest incarnation of the Crowti family (Cryptolocker etc) of blackmail based malware, appears to be rampant at the moment. Its delivery method varies a little, but mostly it arrives in your inbox as a zip attachement, claiming to be an invoice or a CV. As we have […]

14May 2015

Phishing emails – emails designed to con you into releasing personal information for use by scammers – are getting increasingly sophisticated. Email addresses are obfuscated (hidden behind an apparently genuine address) and the content often looks very professional. In a recent quiz carried out by Intel for CBS in America, 80 per cent of users […]

02Jul 2013

Initially, that may seem a little harsh, as I’m referring to employees of your company. But, as it turns out, your employees can often be a bigger threat than you realise. And, with the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) it is only getting worse. Given that, as I type this today, the security […]

02Jan 2013

Now that Christmas is over and you’ve taken gazillions of photos, what have you done with them? Still on your phone, tablet or camera? How would you feel if they were all deleted? If your photos and videos (and other data) are important to you, consider backing them up off-site. Backup now. Don’t wait until […]