05Nov 2015

Imagine for a moment, a Britain where every individual over the age of 3 years old, has their own personal government spy. This person sits next to as you watch TV, sits in the back of your car as you drive, walks around the shops with you, sits next to you at your desk, joins […]

22Feb 2014

So, it would appear that no sooner have Facebook decided to hand over an eye-watering amount of money to purchase the instant messaging service, WhatsApp, that some dumpling at the latter decides now is the time to  implement an update. Which has brought it crashing down in a rather less expensive looking than $19 billion […]

12Jun 2013

I thought I’d just do a small post on online safety for the benefit of my many clients with children. To quote the Get Safe Online site: “Undoubtedly the most effective method is to educate them from an early age about the risks they may encounter when online … what these risks are, how to […]

18Dec 2012

Going  to a Christmas lunch or party this week? Might have a few drinks? Watch out for your SmartPhone. If you were to lose your iPhone or Android phone today, just what information would the thief have in his grubby little hands? Personal details? Bank details? PINs even? But that’s OK, because your phone is […]

11Dec 2012

The Joint Select Committee looking at the draft Communications Data Bill (the “Snoopers Charter”) has now published its findings. They are available here in full: The report is scathing when it comes to the consultation process, which was essentially non-existent. Para 58 is very clear: 58.  Before re-drafted legislation is introduced there should be a […]

03Dec 2012

Won’t somebody think of the children! This morning, Theresa May has been getting more than a little hysterical in the press. This time it’s on the subject of the Government’s proposed mass surveillance bill, the Communications Data Bill, more popularly (and accurately) known as the “Snoopers Charter”. It’s always easy to tell when there are […]