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The AirPcap Wireless Packet Capture device is the first open, affordable and easy-to-deploy packet capture solution for Windows. AirPcap captures full 802.11 data, management, and control frames that can be viewed in Wireshark providing in-depth protocol dissection and analysis capabilities. The feature matrix below gives a high-level overview of each adapter in the AirPcap Product […]

A lot of the time passively avoiding interference is all that is needed to make your WLAN run better. Just move to a channel that is less affected by RF from Wi-Fi, cordless phones, etc., and your interference-caused throughput and connectivity problems go away. But sometimes — as is becoming more and more apparent in […]

Wi-Spy’s approach to spectrum analysis is a bit different than other spectrum analyzers. Regular spectrum analyzers like Agilent and Tektronix contain Super Heterodyne Receivers to measure an entire RF band at whatever arbitrary resolution you’d like. This is extremely powerful… and expensive. The Airmagnet Spectrum XT uses a Wi-Fi radio to measure a 20 MHz […]

Wireless troubleshooting goes beyond packet capture. Traditionally, spectrum analysis was only available to those with really big pockets – then came Wi-Spy. MetaGeek opened the floodgates to enable anyone with professional-grade wireless spectrum analysis hardware and software. With Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy 2.4x or DBx you can: Quickly build powerful Wi-Fi reports. Find and Identify […]

Courtesy of our friends at Metageek, here’s a tip for a great source of Wireless LAN information – the guys at WLAN Professionals. They have a wealth of useful information over there – including some handy white papers that you can download – including survey techniques and other tips and tricks. It’s also a BS […]

The fantastic Wi-Spy 2.4x and Wi-Spy DBx are now available as special bundles with Chanalyzer Pro – both can be ordered from our Online Store. Chanalyzer Pro requires a Wi-Spy 2.4x or a Wi-Spy DBx. The Wi-Spy is a USB-based RF troubleshooting tool that turns your PC or Mac into a powerful spectrum analyzer covering […]