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How to draw walls on a map in Ekahau Site Survey, using a couple of different wall materials. Different wall materials attenuate signal strength differently so it’s important to define the environment as accurately as possible. Ekahau Site Survey has an extensive list of different wall materials with signal loss defined in dB. Watch the […]

Below is a video from Ekahau showing how you can insert floor maps to Ekahau Site Survey, what image formats are supported and how to scale the map. The video starts from the basics. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

So, it would appear that no sooner have Facebook decided to hand over an eye-watering amount of money to purchase the instant messaging service, WhatsApp, that some dumpling at the latter decides now is the time to  implement an update. Which has brought it crashing down in a rather less expensive looking than $19 billion […]

There are a host of new features in Ekahau Site Survey 7 and Ekahau have an up to date WIKI for you over at their site. If you want to know more, visit the link below. Ekahau Site Survey is available from MultiTask Computing. Email or call us for latest pricing and availability.

Ekahau have released the latest version of Ekahau Site Survey and it combines true enterprise-grade scalability with data collection from multiple Wi-Fi adapters (802.11ac and 802.11n WLAN) and touch-screen surveying support for tablets simplifies survey work With the newest version of Ekahau Site Survey, WLAN engineers and IT administrators can conduct Wi-Fi site surveys using […]

Whilst most folk still use laptops for wireless site surveys, windows tablets are gaining ground and are a little lighter to carry around. Ekahau have done a little video showing Ekahau Site Survey being used on a touch screen which you can see below. Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey lets you design wi-fi networks in 3D, […]

Initially, that may seem a little harsh, as I’m referring to employees of your company. But, as it turns out, your employees can often be a bigger threat than you realise. And, with the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) it is only getting worse. Given that, as I type this today, the security […]

I thought I’d just do a small post on online safety for the benefit of my many clients with children. To quote the Get Safe Online site: “Undoubtedly the most effective method is to educate them from an early age about the risks they may encounter when online … what these risks are, how to […]

The Wi-Spy Dbx from Metageek has been updated and is now available to buy online: Wi-Spy DBx is the flagship hardware product of the Wi-Spy lineup, and MetaGeek’s most versatile and powerful spectrum analyzer tool. This device is compatible with every Chanalyzer software variant, Wi-Spy DBx is the premier tool for Wi-Fi spectrum analysis. […]

Now that Christmas is over and you’ve taken gazillions of photos, what have you done with them? Still on your phone, tablet or camera? How would you feel if they were all deleted? If your photos and videos (and other data) are important to you, consider backing them up off-site. Backup now. Don’t wait until […]