An attachment? For me? How kind…


The first Word macro virus was released into the wild 20 years ago. In 2000, the ILoveYou (or LoveLetter) virus, one of the most damaging of its time, spread like wildfire, using social engineering as a vector.

So why, after all this time do viruses still arrive in your inbox, hidden in attachments, ready to do harm to your system? Why are the criminals still using the same methods as they were at the turn of the century?

Because they work. Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat, it also encrypted all your files, stole your bank details, and hacked into your social media.

Over and over, employees and the public are warned to be wary of unsolicited attachments. Yet, day after day, millions of these emails are sent out, because someone will *always* open them.

Don’t be that someone.

Spam filters are by their very nature, reactive. They can only work based on a set of algorithms derived from historic emails. So, if it’s a new pattern that doesn’t match the algorithm it finds its way into your inbox.

Only one filtering system remains at that point – you.